Sunday, September 11, 2016

Virtues Rap

Verse 1
Now follow me closely, it won't take long.
Virtues are what bring humanity along.
We want you to know that we just don't get it.
Virtues are admired, but rarely get the credit.

Verses 2
Now you got your plants and your animals too,
But they got limits when compared to you.
It's boys and girls who are gonna win.
They're the ones who got Virtues within.

Verse 3
Now you got your kindness and patience galore.
Assertiveness and caring are great, that's for sure.
Courage, love and service and add some forgiveness
Is what the world wants to see, more of not less.

Verse 4
There are lots of virtues, that are really where it's at
Like cleanliness, respect and that little one, tact.
And even with our parents, courtesy's a hit.
The one called enthusiasm's our favorite.

Verse 5
We all know about honesty and justice.
Folks are keen on unity, you'll just have to trust us.
Determination, detachment, obedience, too –
With a little dash of reverence, we'll rap them to you.

Verse 6
Now all these virtues, you know they're just right
And that a man with no virtues is a lamp without a light.
With our virtues revealed, you'll give us the nod.
Hey, a world full of virtues is a world full of God.

Final Chorus
Without virtues,
You're nothin'.
WITH virtues,
(Brilliant Star, September-October 1999)