Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Shepherd’s Voice – a poem by Shahnaz Waite

In Palestine the shepherds still
   Watch o’er their sheep as they of old,
Each has his call, and this is known
   Alone by sheep of his fold;
And though throughout the day they roam
When evening comes he calls them home.

Though many sheep of different folds
   May mingle on the hills as one,
Yet each will answer but one voice,
   His shepherd's voice when day is done;
And if a sheep lose the track
No hireling can call it back.

God's Shepherds come into this world,
   And give their Call –amidst earth’s din,
And only those who know His Call,
   Arise with joy and follow Him;
“My sheep shall know My Voice” Christ said,
"By it alone will they be led.”

Unless we know the Voice of Truth,
   It's tender tones we do not hear;
All unfamiliar, strange are they;
   E'en though the Shepherd doth appear
We know Him not, and onward roam,
When He has come to call us Home.

Open our ears we pray O God!
   That we may hear the Voice Divine,
And know the Shepherd when He calls,
   And follow – for His Voice is Truth;
Our souls shall then each day be fed
And into pastures green be led.
(Star of the West, vol. 17, no.5, August, 1926)