Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Message -- a poem by Louis G. Gregory

The Báb
O Herald of the King of Kings
From Whom creation's power springs
The mission thine to blaze the way
Which leads to realms of endless day;
To be thyself the mystic sign
Of perfect love and power divine;
To resurrect the souls of men
And wealth devise beyond our ken.
Thy shining form was sometimes sad
Yet still thou mad'st creation glad;
Through martyrdom did'st plant the seeds
Which fructified in wondrous deeds.
Grant all, through deeds without desire
To witness thy celestial fire.

O manifested Sun of Man
Thy sheen the reign of peace began.
Thine exile proved to man his home.
Thy shackles freed the souls to roam
The universe of God's great love
Directed by the Heavenly Dove.
The kings, their homage due to thee,
Enthroned, etherial majesty,
Shall bring the treasures of the earth
Memorial to thy cycle's birth.
The sweetest carols angels sing
Proclaim the oneness of our King.
O deathless Flame of Beauty bright
Set fire our souls, bestow thy might!

O Servant of the Light of God
Help us to bear the chastening rod;
Like thee to bless when others curse -
So shape our lives by Heaven's verse.
How like the Father through the years
Did'st thou restrain the fount of tears
Which in thy children sought to flow
Forth from the deep of human woe.
How cheered the hearts that turned to thee!
How sweet thy rare humility!
With wisdom great thou did'st the Ark
Guide through the storms of hatred dark.
To vivify the souls endeared
The mystery of God appeared.

(The Baha’i World, 1930-1932)